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Linen wedding album with matching "brag book"

A pink linen layflat wedding album with matching brag books (used for parent books, with six images from their day) were chosen by Louise and Brian, who chose me to do their wedding photography last year at Lazaat, Cottingham.

Property photography - commercial

I've been photographing properties for several years now so I thought I should put a section on my site dedicated to the art of selling houses, or letting student accommodation, holiday homes, AirBnB etc.

If you are selling your house privately or are a local estate agent or developer looking to sell or rent a property, you need to show it off at its best. Make that important first impression with professional photographs.  Get in touch through the website to discuss what you need.

Pets too!

I have photographed all sorts of animals over the years,  from cute fluffy pups to big beautiful horses!
Smaller animals can be in the studio, or I can do location shoots for the bigger ones, or if you think they'll be more comfortable at home or outdoors.

Catching the right light

Just had to stop when I saw this scene!  Captured with a smartphone,  which is always a handy tool.

Commercial photography at Victory Leisure Homes

Last week I was contacted by an old colleague (my previous boss, in fact!) about getting some marketing photographs done of a new model of holiday home, so I took a trip to their site in Gilberdyke.  They showed me what they wanted, and off we went!

As it was all shot in their storage yard, there was some post-production needed to make the views a bit better than carpark and forklift trucks, so a bit Photoshop work was done to get the finished images.

Laura and Phill pre-wedding shoot

Had a wander around the marina in Hull city centre, as part of their pre-wedding practice photoshoot, in preparation for their big day at The Beverley Barn in a few weeks!

Commercial shoot - Food

I love the variety of work that my job allows.  No such thing as a 9 to 5!  I've recently done some shoots for local food businesses, often working under pressure to photograph things as they happen!  Here are a couple of images during the preparation stage of a sushi place in Hull, Heiseiya.  Lovely people -  they even sent me off with a takeaway bag of delicious food - makes the work even better!