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Rachael and Danny's wedding album - Hallmark hotel in Ferriby

May was such a busy month for making albums!  Some of my wedding clients have been unusually keen to get their photos all laid out and printed.  Normally most people take a while to relax and think of anything but weddings, but just lately they've been on it (and why not?)! Rachael and Danny were married at Hallmark hotel in Ferriby at the end of April and had their online  photos to view within a week (my usual target!) but they'd chosen their album selection within a month! They went for a landscape format 30x20cm book (part of my standard wedding photography packages ) finished in a smooth light brown "cappuccino" colour faux leather.

Sequoia suede portrait album - Replay

Having a real album to hold and cherish those memories just can't be beaten by digital media.  This album was particularly special as it was a collection of photographs of a much-loved animal who had sadly left us two years ago, belonging to a good friend of mine, and leaving a big hole in their lives when he passed.  As a birthday present to her mum, we set about designing the book, containing some of her own photographs as well as ones I was commissioned to take over four years ago, where I had photographed many of the other animals at their family home.  I was lucky enough to see her mum's reaction when she was presented with it.  Lots of tears and happiness, just looking over and over again. For the cover we decided on a beautiful sequoia suede -  as well as looking and feeling wonderful, it's colour was a perfect match -  all finished with a simple embossed name on the front - Replay. Sequoia suede album

Guitar Project

Hohner Arbor - the finished project I've had this Hohner Arbor Series "strat" type guitar from new, which I bought at Cornell's music shop on Spring Bank Hull, when I was about 16.  That's just over thirty years ago.  Wow.  I had a blue Hondo II Les Paul style a couple of years before that, which had had quite a bit of modification work done to it before I got it, but I was very much into the Dire Straits guitar sounds at the time so wanted a Stratocaster of some sort.  It started life as a standard stratocaster copy - white scratchplate, 3 single coil pickups, with what I can only describe as a banana yellow paint finish (I think it was supposed to be cream).  Not sure what the other options were, but I chose that for some reason.     Original spec. 1989 6th form college band.  I've always had style, as you can see. Fast-forward a few years and my tastes began to change, so I tinkered with it, replacing the bridge pickup with a salvaged hu