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North East Lincolnshire Property Shoot

 I had a bit of a road trip today, venturing over the Humber Bridge into North Lincolnshire and then North East Lincolnshire (and possibly dipping between them for a while) ending up at a lovely detached house up for sale in Aylesby.   A lovely established garden looking out onto fields behind in a rural setting, with a summer house and pool room (not the watery type 😁) For more information about making your house get the maximum interest, go to my  website 

Free Photoshoot Offer!

Are you like me?   I scroll through a lot of photographers' stuff on social media.  I see the same thing: beautiful photos of twenty-year-old models, being all youthful, vibrant and without a worry-line in sight!  What about the rest of us? We all get older.  I'm getting older, that's for sure.  But inside, we still feel like that 20-year-old (or at least a bit, until we try to get out of that chair 😆). We need to embrace it, and capture it.   These images are a set from a project I started with the gorgeous Olena, who is planning to celebrate a very notable birthday in the next few months. It ends in a zero, and that's all I will say.   I asked her to bring a few changes of outfit: some casual things and and something a bit more dressy, allowing us get a few different looks from an hour in the studio.  Despite doing one bit of modelling before for a friend, she was a bit nervous about it and unsure what to do, but soon overcame the nerves and got in to it. Here is a l