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North East Lincolnshire Property Shoot

 I had a bit of a road trip today, venturing over the Humber Bridge into North Lincolnshire and then North East Lincolnshire (and possibly dipping between them for a while) ending up at a lovely detached house up for sale in Aylesby.   A lovely established garden looking out onto fields behind in a rural setting, with a summer house and pool room (not the watery type 😁) For more information about making your house get the maximum interest, go to my  website 

Free Photoshoot Offer!

Are you like me?   I scroll through a lot of photographers' stuff on social media.  I see the same thing: beautiful photos of twenty-year-old models, being all youthful, vibrant and without a worry-line in sight!  What about the rest of us? We all get older.  I'm getting older, that's for sure.  But inside, we still feel like that 20-year-old (or at least a bit, until we try to get out of that chair 😆). We need to embrace it, and capture it.   These images are a set from a project I started with the gorgeous Olena, who is planning to celebrate a very notable birthday in the next few months. It ends in a zero, and that's all I will say.   I asked her to bring a few changes of outfit: some casual things and and something a bit more dressy, allowing us get a few different looks from an hour in the studio.  Despite doing one bit of modelling before for a friend, she was a bit nervous about it and unsure what to do, but soon overcame the nerves and got in to it. Here is a l

Alison and Dale's wedding album

Here is an album with a selection of photos from Alison and Dale's wedding at Lazaat hotel in Cottingham.  This album was made by Graphistudio, based in Italy, who have been making wedding albums for decades and supplying wedding photographers all over the world.  There are so many options available that it can be quite overwhelming!  This is one from my standard range and still looks beautiful.  They went with a cloud leatherette in light grey.