Professional headshots

Actor headshot in the studio

If you are a professional and need your "public" image to be a little better than a selfie that you got from your Facebook profile picture, step this way!

With the studio setup we can do a number of different looks, depending on the session time.

Studio headshot of a young young actor low key lighting
Actor headshot done in the studio in Hull

Same actor, but with a different look, shot during the same session.  
Actor headshot on white background

And again, shot just outside the studio for a more industrial outdoor look.

Headshot done outside the studio

You may need a more serious headshot for your LinkedIn profile, or for your "meet the team" section of your company website, or perhaps something more dramatic if you are an actor needing to promote your portfolio.
Actor headshot in the Hull studio
Actor headshot in the Hull studio

You can come to my Hull photography studio, or I can come to your place of business, or a location if you need something a little more natural.

Get in touch to discuss what you need and get a full quote.

Home location photoshoot for new business website

Professional headshot photography in Hull studio
Studio headshot photoshoot

Actor headshot in the studio doorway

Dramatically-lit actor headshot done on location

Professional business portrait shot in the office

Professional portrait headshot shot on location
Business headshot taken on location

Acting Student Headshot


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