Chantelle and Andrew - low-key wedding at Hull Guildhall and Old Town

Newly-married couple on the cobbled streets of Hull's Old Town, after their wedding at Guildhall

Andy and Chantelle just wanted a small amount of coverage for their wedding photography - happily, I could do that!  

It was late in the day and in January, so the light was already fading.  After the ceremony, all they asked was for some photos of some family groups outside the Guildhall and then some of them as a newly-married couple whilst having a wander around the cobbles streets of the old town in Hull.  Nothing too "stare at the camera and smile" they said, which meant we could have a little bit of fun and get some very natural photos of them just being loving together, and wow, they were great.  With such a short window of opportunity for the light, we got very lucky and even the weather held off, giving us a beautiful sky!


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