Anita And Matt - Wedding Guildhall And Celebrant Service at Humber View Hotel

Wedding at Humber View Hotel Ferriby

This was a little bit different from the "typical" wedding, not that any wedding is ever the same as the last!  It is quite normal for the couple to be married in one place then have their wedding reception somewhere else, but in this case they had TWO ceremonies as well!

Anita and Matt decided to do the legal bit at the Guildhall building in Hull, with just their parents and their little boy in attendance, so I went along to photograph that part, keeping it very relaxed and informal, with a few posed photos outside, before we all headed off to the Humber View Hotel (formerly the Hallmark Hotel) in Ferriby.

Once we were at the Humber View, we were met by the rest of their guests, including flute orchestra, consisting of their friends, to play them in for their celebrant ceremony, conducted by Pam Medhurst.  A new thing for me was the ring blessing, where the wedding rings are passed around every one of the guests.

Ring blessing ceremony

The ceremony included some readings from guests, and the couple exchanged vows, with the groom reciting from their favourite childrens' book!

Groom recites from their favourite children's book

Afterwards we had some time for group and couple photos, where everyone can relax a bit.  As a n experienced wedding photographer I have found that if I just blend into the groups without being imposing, people are more at ease and I get some wonderful unposed shots, much more so that the "say cheese!" ones.

Confetti shot - always a good fun opportunity!
Confetti - always a great wedding photo!

From then on it was speeches and food, which slipped seamlessly into the evening for some dancing and more food!

First wedding dance - Humber View Hotel

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