Property photography - why get professional photos done?

If you are selling your house, there are more and more ways to do it, either through a traditional estate agent, or an online agent websites.  However, people will always want to to see what the house looks like first, so they need something to  grab their attention and encourage them to look further.

Whichever way you market your property, you will want good images that are clear, bright and professional.  Buying a house is usually the most expensive purchase someone will ever make, so we need to make people keep from scrolling past.  Even the most beautiful of houses can be passed by if they have drab images, and vertigo-inducing "artistic" angles (usually pointing at the floor to "get everything in") make it look like the camera was just thrown into the room.  Have a look through Rightmove or Zoopla and you will see what I mean.  

If you have a house to sell, insist on quality images.  Having your own images means you can shop around and use them where you want, be it with several agents, and you can have them done, and only having to prepare the house once!

If you are an agent and usually take them yourself, save some time and energy and I can do them for you, as well as floorplans and virtual tours if needed.  

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Here is a property I've recently done, with some photos of a neighbouring property that I found online as comparison.

House for sale in Hull  Professional Property Photography

Lounge - look!  Straight walls!

Property photography Hull
Lovely bright kitchen

Nice-sized and bright bathroom

Images from Rightmove


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